Remove "Today" tag shorcut

I’ve been using My Tasks pages to plan my days and be able to report on progress made in previous days.
It seems like the only way to remove a completed Task from “today’s” is to manually move it to all the “Recently assigned” section of the page.
I wish yesterday’s completed task would automatically move to a “yesterday” section or even Recently Assigned.

I know there is a shortcut (Tab+Y) to tag a task for today, but is there a way to remove that tag with a shortcut?

It doesn’t make sense for all “today’s” completed tasks to stay there, even if they are week/month old

Any tips? TIA

HI @Florian3,

I’d recommend setting your My Tasks filters to “Incomplete tasks”, this way your today’s view won’t get cluttered by completed tasks. If you need to see what you have completed today, you can switch back your view to “All tasks” or use the Advanced Search!

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

Hi Mary, thanks for your answer. So there is no way to have completed task move out of “today” automatically, I’d like to see day per day progress : )