Remove selected projects from a search for multi-homed tasks

Scenario is this:
I have some tasks that are multihomed into more protects. Each task has a task added to them for me to be able to get a quick overview of things todo in eg. Q4-2018. When I do a search on the task QA-2018 the task will appear twice due to multi-homing in two projects. I can go in and remove one of the projects from the search, but this also remove the task from the view entirely.

It is possible to somehow surpress some projects from the search without removing the multi-home option?

Hey @Thomas_Jeppesen

Great question (& use case)! You can absolutely choose to restrict advanced search from pulling Tasks in specific Projects. I’ve provided a screenshot of where in the advanced search filter this is possible.

For brevity, I’ll include it here.

  • Click the add filter link;
  • Navigate to Projects in the drop down menu that appears;
  • Select “Not in these Projects”.

Hope this helps Thomas!

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