How to archive a project and remove all the multi-homing??

Ok got one that baffles me. We have a Project Template that is full of tasks that are multi-homed into other projects. Literally, a couple dozen other projects, all of which represent the various steps to taking these large projects to completion.

So, if we have a project that goes sour about 1/4 of the way through and we fail to win the bid, how do we archive this project and remove all the multi-homing from all the tasks so that they aren’t cluttering everything up with junk tasks?

Note, we’ve explored the option of simply not creating the Project from that task template until after we’ve won the bid, but there’s still a lot of complex multi-homing that has to happen during the bidding phase, and then I have to have two different Project Templates (pre-bid, post-bid), and I have to figure out some way to merge one into the other, without it being something that only one or two of us in the company can figure out how to do.

You can multi-select all tasks, and use the black box to edit the projects: there you’ll see all projects tasks are multi-homed into and edit that list…

Does this help?

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You can see more details about multi-selecting tasks in this article: How to multi-select tasks | Product guide • Asana Product Guide. I hope this helps, @Matt5!

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