Remove old files from recurring tasks

We have one project with recurring tasks scheduled once a week ( “Repeat Daily” ), which fits perfectly to our needs. Every week we need to attach the same file but updated.
The problem comes when we complete the task and the new recurring task copy the files attached, because this force us to delete earlier files in order not to get confused and use the wrong file.

Is there any posibility to create recurring tasks without copying old files?

Hi @Helena_Martinez, is this a document you’re uploading from your computer or from a cloud solution like Dobox/Google Drive?

If you upload the document from a cloud solution, you could have a link to the document in your task description, and instead of uploading a new doc every week, you could simply edit the existing one via the link in your task description?


Hi @Marie! Is an uploaded document… we cannot link it. But thanks for responding!

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No worries @Helena_Martinez, moving this thread to the #productfeedback to allow you and other users to vote for this feature request!

Hi Marie,

Just following up to see if there is any update on this issue? I am having the same issue as Helena.

I also have this problem. I have repeating (weekly) tasks that should not auto-include attachments from last week’s task. It would be nice if there was an option to say what information (description, comments, attachments, assignee, etc.) needs to rollover to the next instance.

I renamed this thread because the title and description seemed to be saying conflicting things.

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Hi just adding myself to the number of people concerned. Simple file file uploads & revisions can pile up in the recurring task. I think there should be an option for that. Opening a simple image file from the task can take a while due to the number of thumbnails loading at the same time.

I would also like to add a request to be able to have the option for what information (description, comments, attachments, assignee, etc.) needs to rollover to the next instance. Having attachments rollover is confusing and it is tedious to have to go in and delete them each time. Please add a fix for this!

I have the same question… any resolution on this yet please?