Remove old files from recurring tasks

Please remove old files and subtasks from recurring tasks – it is very confusing. Thx.

Hoping this feature is in the works!!

follow up this thread, this is really useful improvent
attachments from previous tasks really are anoying in newly created tasks

We would like this feature as well.

Agree, I’t happen to us too. Is to annoying to always delete the old file,

I would expect:
→ if the file is in the description of the task, keep it!
→ if the file is uploaded (like a image) in a comment of the task, then remove it

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Any update with this request ?

Any update with the request? Would really like to have this feature of removing existing files for recurring Tasks.

Hi, is there or will there be any update to this? Many thanks

Putting in another vote for an update to remove existing comments/files from recurring tasks!

I pull information from my CRM by dates and it would benefit for the reoccurring task to reset without bringing the file along with it once i complete the task, I would love for it to refresh with only tasks and subtasks to be done on the next repeat day without the file coming with it. (Work around is delete the current file each time and upload new file to day but becomes a tedious action that could be automated.)

Requesting this feature too please.

also requesting this feature due to weekly recurring tasks that require new attachments each week