remove member in asana basic

I have Asana Basic (so no Organization). I need to remove a member How xan I do that? If I can’t remove them, can I edit the name in the profile?

Hi @Susan_C_Stafford,

Click your profile icon (top right of the Asana window), select “Admin Console”. There, select “Members”. You can then go to a listed member and select “Remove” from the 3-dots menu on the right side of their list entry.

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Problem solved, thank you so much! But this is so strange, I had tried what you said before and I saw a drop-down menu with a black background and only one menu item (not, sadly, admin console). After receiving your response, I tried again - and I saw a whole new menu! White background, several options, including the longed-for admin console!!! I have no idea what I did before or why this worked now - I simply deleted the member profile and I thank you profoundly, with many, many, MANY smiles!!! :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:

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