Remove Custom Fields from Subtasks for Mobile users (give option to show them)

We have a lot of mobile app users in our company. They use subtasks a LOT.

It’s exceptionally frustrating to have to scroll through a screen and a half of unnecessary, blank custom fields that get inherited from the parent task just to get to the comments/replies section.

They are hidden by default on Desktop. That’s great! But, mobile app users are the ones that need this on by default. Their screen real-estate is way too valuable.

What also complicates the matter is that our mobile app users are frequently technicians, mechanics, carpenters, etc types who are far more comfortable using a torque wrench or micrometer, and tend not to be as software savvy as our desktop users.

I’m sure this is actually fairly common. We really need the mobile app to be more user friendly and eye-friendly than even the desktop. Us desktop users get a lot of luxuries that really should be made available to mobile users, they are the ones who need it the most.