Enhancement Request for Mobile App: Hidden Inherited Custom Fields


I would like to bring attention to the implementation of inherited custom fields from parent tasks in subtasks, and the disparity between the desktop and mobile app experiences.

To clarify, Asana released a feature where subtasks automatically inherit custom fields from parent tasks. Since then, on the desktop version, Asana has improved the user experience by hiding these inherited custom fields by default with an option to “Show inherited fields” if the user chooses. This change has been beneficial in keeping the interface clean and focused.

However, this improvement has not been carried over to the mobile app. On mobile, inherited custom fields are still always shown by default, leading to a cluttered interface that impacts usability. Considering the limited screen space on mobile devices, this can severely disrupt the task view experience.

I am requesting an update to the mobile app that aligns it with the desktop experience. Ideally, inherited custom fields should be hidden by default with the option to expand them, as shown in the desktop UI. This minimal solution would significantly improve clarity and functionality on mobile.

Thank you for considering this enhancement to ensure a consistent and efficient Asana experience across platforms.

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