Show inherited custom field section in subtasks per default


is it possible to show this collapsible section ‘Show inherited fields’ opened per default? Either via API setting or Web App setting?



I don’t think so, the only way to see it is to have the subtask belong to the project (multi-homing the subtask into its parent project, possibly stored inside a closed section at the bottom of the project).

Hope that helps.

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It would be really helpful if the inherited fields could be shown by default on subtasks. Multi-homing per @Bastien_Siebman suggestion above does work, but 1) it creates clutter by having to house all subtasks out on the parent project, and more importantly 2) it requires a savvy user to take a couple of extra tedious steps to properly organize and is not quick or intuitive.

Being able to set up subtask templates would also be very helpful and would facilitate default display of custom fields.

It could be made almost frictionless by hosting subtasks in a dedicated section at the bottom of the project + making it automatic through automation. But I agree this might not be acceptable for everyone, this would still be considered a workaround.

I wish we could do this - I have searched this forum for help on this issue multiple times, I’m not sure why Asana won’t let us treat subtasks as first class work

This is not that easy. A lot of people do not want what you want and want to keep subtasks the way they are.

Until/if Asana offers a setting for this, see my partial workaround tip here:


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