Relocate "Messages" to a new location

Hello @Marie

Currently Messages are visible under Inbox OR under Reports section.
Messages and Reports are unrelated features and should be ideally separate.

When we login, and are on the Home screen, it would be great to see Messages on the left menu right under Inbox.

It is general practice to show Messages separately from Inbox.

Check how it’s handled by Google (Messages are entirely separate from Inbox):

And MS Teams (Chat is separate):

Can this be done?

My guess is that it shows up inside reports as well so that it is even more discoverable by users. Maybe that is only for a little while?

However nothing says that reports should only be for tasks, I believe the word report does work for messages sent and received as well!

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@Bastien_Siebman that’s :100: correct! Technically, the collection of Messages throughout is an Advanced Report.


Hi @Vaibhav_Khatri and thanks for the feedback. Messages are brand new, but I see a future where they will be all gathered in one place (not necessarily under “Reports”) :slight_smile: