Seperate Messages Unread Section on Left Menu Pane

It would be very helpful to be able to have a seperate left menu for Messages that shows the number of unread or unread replies received on messages instead of the alerts being buried in the users inbox. our inboxes are already flooded with task alerts that peple are missing important messages if they have their email alerts turned of also.

It won’t solve your issue here, but from experience people that are buried usually set Asana up wrongly: they kept notifications on for tasks added to projects, they never leave discussions, they have notifications for tasks due today, they are left as collaborators on tasks created in templates… I agree that even if you fix all this, Asana can send a lot of notifications though.

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Bastien -

Respectfully disagree. I’ve been working Asana hard and this seems to be the only flaw in the system.

I do not want to turn off project notifications. Sometimes, I’m working intensely with someone else across the world and need to be notified as soon as they resolve a case or answer my question. The current indication is terrific. But I also don’t worry if project notifications pile up - I will eventually deal with the various cases at my own pace.

Messages are a different story. I strong text need a background reminder if someone has sent me a message that I haven’t reviewed. Mixing two notification queues means one will suffer.

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