Reload required constantly (more than 5 tiers of subtasks)

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(Asana constantly asks me to reload):

Is anyone else being asked to reload multiple times a day?

I can’t seem to complete a single workflow at the moment without having to reload!

Hello @Giles_Hugo,

is this only happening today?

Did you try the troubleshooting steps already? Tried incognito window, etc?

As per the status page there were minor outages today

@Giles_Hugo Happening to me too. I’m using the Asana App, and I’ve checked the status and it looks like there have been reported outages.

I have restarted the browser and it has been all day - but not previous to that…
will assess tomorrow and hope all is fine…

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I have the issue occuring across my company here and some using Chrome browser (seems to be more of an issue) and others on Opera (where i had teh issue the other day) now seems resolved

Browser updated - have contected support also

What is the solution for this problem? I am experiencing it too.

Hi @Paris_Meijer there wasn’t a solution as such as usually this can be caused by an outage - Asana do not seem to have one today. Is it just today that you have experienced this?
Take a look at these troubleshooting options

I had it last week once, but today it keeps popping up. The troubleshooting options unfortunately only apply to the the web version. I’m using the Asana windows app. But either way, both versions keep popping up the reload problem.
I don’t know what to do.

I think it is best to contact support Asana Support - Help Center • Asana

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I’m having the same issues too, which is scaring me since the majority of my client communication is in Asana. I already sent a message to Asana support but haven’t heard from them so far.

The RELOAD message happens to both the web and app (on mac). It’s driving me nuts!

Hi Mercedes,

It is a shame support have not come back to you.
Please could you post in the bugs section of the community and someone should be able to advise.

Kind Regards,

FYI I have found that i was having the issue when a template was being used and creating more than 5 tiers of subtasks (which is a no go for asana). The add subtask button is still present when tasks are created this way, whereas when you add subtasks manually the add subtask disappears after the 5th tier.

The work around is to create the subtask tree elsewhere and link it the parent task .

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