Getting an "Asana needs to be reloaded" error when trying to open the site.

Asana haa been continuously timing out and “Page unresponsive” for the last month! So frustrating.

Clear cache and browser cookies. Updated the browser. Nothing helped with Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox and Safari.

Premium version

I believe there’s an outage right now. Oddly, there is nothing on the status updates site, but nearly everyone I know who uses Asana is also experiencing this.

It works for me now, but still their status page says ‘All Systems Operational’ so they never updated it.

I’ve moved this thread out of Report a Bug as it it was an outage not a bug.



Hello, I have been having the same problem. Tried to reload my google chrome and clear out my cache and browser cookies.

Same problem here, and I’m trying to work through a backlog of tasks before I finish today for Xmas break…many profanities are being suppressed.

Same issue over here

looks like it’s back up again

Yes it probably had to do with this outage yesterday

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