Reinstate keyboard shortcuts for today, upcoming, and later in my tasks

Previously Tab-Y, Tab-U, and Tab-L moved tasks among the sections of the My Tasks view, but no longer work.


with the redesign of the “my Tasks” section the keyboard shortcuts to move tasks to “today”, “upcoming” and “later” are gone. I really need them since it is really tedious to move tasks manually, if you have lots of tasks.
Any idea how to create custom shortcuts or is there something available that I have not found yet?

Any ideas??


Hi @Rolf_Schulte_Stratha

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Valid point. In the old My Tasks, the short cuts were aimed at marking tasks for today, upcoming and later. With the new design of My Tasks, I suspect short cuts should appear soon to help you move tasks between the sections on that page.

@Emily_Roman & @Rebecca_McGrath any thoughts on this? Or shall w emove it to a product feedback?


Hi @Rashad_Issa ,
thanks for the fast response. I use the my task section in the spirit of “Getting things done”. Today, upcoming and later are therefore really important sections.
When I go through all tasks once a week, I dig up tasks from the bottom of the pile and move them forward to upcoming or even today. This is only feasible with shortcuts in some form. Manually dragging would take ages and a lot of mental concentration.
I will wait anxiously for a solution. If I am unlucky, I will have to upgrade to use custom rules and find a way to automate things from there…


Thanks for adding me in here, @Rashad_Issa! :slight_smile:

Since your My Tasks now works similar to a project, you can use the following keyboard shortcuts:

The TAB-L, TAB-Y & TAB-U shortcuts are no longer available as with the new My Tasks, users will be able to create their own sections and rules to automate My Tasks in a way that suits them. Not all users will have the same sections and so such specific shortcuts might be hard to produce.

I suggest adding this feedback to the announcement post for the new My Tasks, anyway, as this is great feedback and important for our Product team to hear, @Rolf_Schulte_Stratha

I hope this helps! :slight_smile:


Previously Tab-Y, Tab-U, and Tab-L moved tasks among the sections of the My Tasks view, but no longer work.





@Rolf_Schulte_Stratha, You may find some helpful suggestions here:



@Rebecca_McGrath today it’s the second post I see on the topic, can we merge them all into one? Thanks!

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Because the new My Tasks has customizable sections, so basically “Later” could be gone for most people as they could customize so Asana has no way to decide what to do when you use Tab+L.


Thanks for flagging this @Bastien_Siebman, I’ll work on merging these posts today :slight_smile:

A big part of the utility of this program for me was the ability to quickly and brainlessly sort my tasks. Losing this keyboard shortcut makes my old workflow unfeasible. It’s shocking to me how important that little feature was, and how much time is added by removing it.

As a sidenote, changes to the workflow like this really suck. It’s taken so long to get our team all on the same page on how to use this software, so when a change like this happens, even if it were to be more efficient in theory, it often causes a ton of heartache as our whole organization goes through relearning pains. Not everyone picks up technology/workflows as fast as software developers…



I believe this is a duplicate. @Rebecca_McGrath was in the middle of merging those requests together the other day.

thanks! Do you know where the merged requests are? I’d like to vote for them. I really can’t emphasize the importance of this little feature enough. It’s central to our usage of Asana.


A good alternative would be “move to bottom section, if later doesn’t exist”


Rebecca will tell you I don’t believe she did it yet! I think I read that they were planning and bringing it back.

Thanks for your feedback, @Kyle_Hansen! Our team is aware of this request and we hope to have news about this feature soon. We will make sure to keep the thread updated as soon as we have any news.

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This is very important to my workflow as well. I understand that the previous categories were arbitrary, and thus -L doesn’t make sense if there’s no ‘later’, but perhaps each category could have a field that defines the shortcut?


Asana made a step backward not supporting these shortcuts any longer.

The shortcuts are still mentioned in all shortcut-lists (inside asana and on
Tastenkombinationen in Asana | Produkthandbuch • Asana too)


Please bring back the keyboard shortcuts for moving tasks between today, upcoming, later, and recently assigned. I have implemented the suggested rules, but it is really time consuming to do so much clicking or dragging to organize when I want to change a due date of a task in the today or upcoming section and then have to move it to a different section.

It would be helpful to at least have an option to move tasks out of recently assigned based on how far out their due date is. We have tons of repeating tasks that pop into recently assigned every time they are completed, so it is a lot of managing tasks out of the section.