Consolidate Tab-Y & Tab-U into one command

Can I start by saying that I am actually a fan of this. I understand a lot of people are frustrated by losing the ability to 1-click move, but I personally think this change is offset by what is now possible with the new My Tasks feature

However, I don’t understand the rational between Tab-Y and Tab-U doing the same thing but when you have different focuses?

This seems like really poor UX design. It’s not possible to both have the Task Pane open while also having multiple Tasks selected.

Perhaps I’m missing some subtlety, but I really dislike getting confused as to which one I should be using in which scenario.

This comes from the update to fix: Reinstate keyboard shortcuts for today, upcoming, and later in my tasks


I had the same thought a few days ago but failed to write it up; I voted (and you should too!); thanks.

I’d also like customizable shortcuts, but that’s a separate question.

I too would like to know what the downside is to combining these shortcuts to work correctly regardless of mode. Kind of like Tab+N.





Custimizable shortcuts would be ace, although I imagine they would be a pain to implement. I guess this would be some good middle ground…

Glad it’s not just me that can’t see the need for the distinction :slight_smile:

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I love that they put back the shortcuts, and also hate that there are 2 different ones :slight_smile:

it’s almost like a USB plug, you will always plug it upside down first, I’ll always use the wrong shortcut first ^^