Regular list of deliverables

I am a relatively new user, and I have found many helpful features in Asana. I am looking for a strategy to incorporate a regular list of deliverables that are required for each new task in a specific project. Ideally, I was thinking there might be a field that would allow me to select multiple options designating which of those deliverables the specific project needed. I cannot figure out a solution to this.

Welcome, @Darin_Jameson!

You could make a model task and in it include a subtask for each possible deliverable.

To make a new task, Duplicate that model task (right-click it in List View and choose Duplicate, or choose Duplicate from the overflow “. . .” menu in the Task Detail. Delete any inapplicable deliverables.

You can track completion of each deliverable by marking the subtask complete.

Hope that helps,