track deliverable lifecycle

I’m creating a project to track about 20 documentation deliverables that will need to go through design, development, testing, deployment – and then start over again with each new release.

I’m considering options of best way to set this up:

  • one task for each deliverable and move between boards for each phase. just keep changing assignee and due date every time it moves. it basically never gets completed unless I do a new one for each release.
  • one task for each deliverable with a subtask for each phase that can have different assignees and due dates. however, that’s several different tasks to look in for conversations.

I’m planning one project for all 20 deliverables because they’re all for the same product & team.


Hey @Heather_Beaudoin,

I think it really depends on how much work is involved per deliverable and also whether two or more people need to work on something for the task at the same time or if it would always be one person per stage,

Personally, I’d probably go with setting up a template task and all the sections for the stages the deliverable has to go through.
And then definitely set up rules as well to make things more efficient. You could set up custom fields that kind of act as a trigger.
As an example I can give you is that we handle publishing videos in this way


And then based on custom fields and stages I have a bunch of rules set up.

The proofing feature could be helpful also: Proofing • Asana

And have a look at the existing templates that Asana offers and you can find more on Flowsana maybe there is something that fits for your project.


@Heather_Beaudoin, in addition to @Andrea_Mayer’s great answer, you might find some of the content in this free video workshop of mine " Tackle (almost) anything in Asana: Step-by-step" of value, if you don’t already know these concepts/tradeoffs to help answer questions like yours: