Reference numbers for tasks

Thanks George for the support on this post. That might be a solution for our enhancement request process from clients. At least we would get some type of reference number that is searchable.

It still boggles my mind that Asana has built a database that can search its own reference numbers that are placed in a url, but the only way to get or see that reference number is to find the task first and copy/paste the 16 digit reference number from the tail end of a url. My passwords aren’t even that long.

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This thread is more than a year old, with no resolution in sight. Boggles my mind!

Hi Peter, yes over a year and Asana does not seem to care about this one. If we were not so heavily invested in the number of projects and tasks in the system we would have found something else that had the ability to have reference numbers. They are spending more time on their own sales process by sending email after email to members of my own team to see if they want to upgrade. Asinine.

Hi Erik, I try using the Task ID on the search bar, and it’s actually display the task. Did you try it recently?

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Yep - Our IT team is ditching Asana purely because of this. My product team would like to stick with Asana but this lack of a simple ID number makes it hard.

Hi Tim, yes it is unfortunate but also consistent with their business practice. Some higher up at Asana decided “No ID numbers for you!” and it will never materialize. They will keep losing clients this way (even though a simple fix) but keep gaining more with their predatory sales techniques on already existing users. I would love to see how that have mapped out this business model.

Hi Phan,
Yes, it shows up in the search dropdwon, but not if you enter it in search and enter, it says No Results. But the whole point of this string is that they do not have it the ID number in the actual task. It is in the URL. Such a simple thing that they can’t get through their heads.

I have changed the category to Product Feedback so we can start voting to have this implemented! So please VOTE to have tasks IDs in the actual task.


@Erik_Graham There’s actually already one with a pretty large vote count:

Thanks Phil!

JIRA is doing a heck of a job in this regard. We use JIRA at my day job. JIRA requires a project code at the time of creating a project. All tickets are create with sequence number starting with 1. Let us say I gave my project Harwant Pannu a project code / initials of HP and ticket numbers HP-1, HP-2 and so on. Anyone who is in multi-project meetings going over a large number ticket will appreciate the value of easy conversations like “What is the status of HP-2?” . JIRA also auto link other tickets as soon as you put the ticket number like HP-2 in description or comments.


Hi Harwant,

What are you using Asana for if you have Jira?