Recurring tasks not displayed in Asana Workload

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we would like to manage our tasks with Asana workload. But as I’m creating a recurrig task inside a project (for example a task that is due every Friday), it only shows up once in the workload timeline and not on every Friday as it’s supposed to…

Does anyone have a solution on this?

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This is a known issue, pretty sure there is an existing thread. @Marie or another moderator will be able to help you!

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Welcome to the Forum @Robin6 and thank you for reaching out.

When you set a task to repeat, it only appears in Calendar, Timeline and Workload for the next time that is due and not every single time the task is due in the future. Once you mark a recurring task completed, it will generate itself for the next time the recurring task is set to be due. You can learn more about it in the following Guide article:

There is a thread in the #productfeedback category regarding this topic: Recurring tasks in calendar view. If you haven’t yet, I would suggest you to upvote it.

I would also recommend you to have a look at Kaitie’s workaround. You might find it useful.

Please let me know if you have any follow-up question!

Okay, so basically there is no solution to this, right? I voted for changing this feature, sure. But I just don’t see the point for displaying recurring tasks only in the next week and not also all the weeks after. By this, the outlook is kind of distorted and Workloads/Timeline becomes less useful as a planning tool.

I completely understand where you are coming from @Robin6 and unfortunately I don’t have more information to share on this topic at the moment. But rest ensure that as soon as I get an update I’ll let you know in this thread.