Recurring tasks and Sync with Google Calendar

I have a free account. I have updated my tasks so that some will come up as daily tasks. However, when I look at my home page the recurring task doesn’t show up, even though it is a daily task. I haven’t created projects for these tasks. They simply show up on Tasks I’ve created. I am not sure if that has something to do with it?

Also, my google calendar is linked to my Asana calendar. I am wondering how often does it update? I’ve created new tasks and deleted old ones but they aren’t showing up on my google calendar.

Hi @Sarah16 and thanks for reaching out!

As it stands, recurring tasks are only created after the first task itself is marked complete. So if you have a task that repeats daily, tomorrow’s task will only be created once the one due today is marked complete. If you haven’t yet I would highly recommend adding your vote at the top of this thread from our #productfeedback category!

To learn more about the sync with your Google Calendar, have a look here; but in a nutshell, while the first sync can take a couple of hours, Asana has no control over when tasks are synced; these syncs are pushed directly by Google!

Hope this helps Sarah :slight_smile: