Recover lost tasks after rejoining an organization


I used to have my personal/work accounts merged. I recently removed myself from my organization in an attempt to keep my personal tasks in a separate account. I rejoined the organization using the same work email but found all my work tasks lost. When I clicked on some URLs for these tasks I was told I didn’t have permission to access them.

I’ve submitted a ticket (case #: 607603) on 7/11 and followed up on 7/12 with more detailed information but haven’t received any response so far. I use Asana daily and am partially blocked now. Could you help me recover my lost data?



The community can’t really help you with this “personal” request, only the support can. It may take a few days at most sometimes to get your ticket sorted out. :slight_smile:

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Hi @starforever! @Bastien_Siebman is right, data recovery can only be performed by our support team. Our Team works from oldest to newest tickets, so if you can avoid responding to your own email as it will put it back at the bottom of our support queue. Note that they prioritise Premium support, so it might take a little longer if you’re using the free version of Asana.

Thanks! The support just helped me recover the data. Sorry for posting in the wrong place.

PS. I think the work account is using the premium version. 7 days waiting is a bit longer than expected.


Glad to hear you got this resolved and apologies for the delayed reply @starforever!