Recover Deleted Tasks

Is there a way to see all deleted tasks no matter who assigned it or deleted it? Not sure what happened to a few tasks, but they disappeared is there a way to recover them?

I tried looking under deleted tasks and in the search bar … no luck. Did a test where I created a task and assigned it to a coworker, had the coworker delete that task and i was unable to find it.

Any help woudl be greatly appreicated!


Best way would be to contact support as they can help recover the deleted tasks.

Follow these steps…
To contact support: Go to Then “Having Trouble With” and then below you will find a “Still can’t find an answer” button.

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Best way would be for Asana to fix this problem by redesigning deleted items.

There NEEDS to be a deleted items bin that everyone in the project can view and recover from. It should show who deleted the item and when. Also there should not be a permanently delete option unless you’re an admin, or unless you were the one that created the item you deleted.

  1. Contact support: Go to

  2. Click “Having Trouble With”

  3. Click “Restoring a deleted project or task”

  4. Find “Deleted Items” at the bottom of the “My Favorites” Section", not obvious if you don’t use that section as the main project list.

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This is NOT a solution. There is no security nor insight to be able to know who deleted another users content. This is not acceptable and it is not a solution. Asana is poorly designed and any company looking to secure their data will not find it in Asana, look for it in another platform.


We need a solution!!! Contacting Asana help retroactively is not acceptable!


Agreed that this is not a solution! See above post for what is required. We need this resolved IMMEDIATELY!!!


in the left menu with all your projects, at the bottom of favorites there’s a “show more” tag. There you can find a menu called “deleted items” where you can recover your tasks for 30 days


No, You cannot see items deleted by others! This is the problem! Anyone can delete anything and you won’t ever know about it. There’s no security restricting it.


The “deleted items” in favourites is nice if you stuff something up but does little preserve a proper project managment process.

Seems trivial, not sure why Asana haven’t implemented this since the initial request

You can find Deleted Tasks in “Search This Project” and add a Deleted Filter:

Search > Advanced Search > Add Filter > More > Deleted


Anyone know how to Troubleshoot the Deleted Items not loading?