Reciprocal mention of @mentions in Tasks & Comments

Hey guys, Sorry if this is already out there but I couldn’t find the equivalent request after searching a bit.

I have just come over to Asana after about a 2 year research stretch moving my Start-up to a more comprehensive solution after we were only using Jira for our developers - we are in web publishing.

I have really been impressed with the @mention feature for elements in Asana other than users. Really nice is the ability to not just mention tasks, but Projects, even teams. However, I feel like the feature is missing it’s “other half” until there is an accompanying feature where you’d see the mention in the entity that is the “destination,” ie the mentioned entity.

So for example, I mention a project in a task. Perhaps in the “About” area, which has some free screen “real estate” still in the current UI, there could be a widget for “mentions” and you could see all the mentions that have been recorded around Asana?

There are a ton of good uses of this. For example, you could in this scenario have a meeting in a task, and every time you mention an ongoing Project, or a Task, that would get picked up in the destination. So when you review the Project, a team can see when it was discussed, and easily click back to the task and see decisions made, etc.

Thanks guys and really hoping that you will move this to development!

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