Recent Change to Team / Project Views?

Has there been a recent update to how Projects are displayed in the left nav?

Previously (I believe), projects were displayed by team. Now I see that only “Recent” or “Top” (not sure how this is defined) Projects are displayed in the Projects section.

When selecting a Team, I get a fly-out window where I can view and select all projects under that team.

Was this a documented change in a recent update for the browser version of Asana?
Is there a way to revert or change my display to list all Projects for a selected Team?

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Hi @Adam_Mc and welcome to the forum,

Yes, there was a recent update; it was announced here:

For a really helpful guide to this new design, see:

It’s not possible to revert to the old design/display.

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I’m closing this topic; best to add to one of those existing threads if you have comments.