Projects do not show nested under each team...


I have used Asana for years and my sidebar always has had Favorites and then Teams as the two sections in the scrollable area of the sidebar. My projects were all nested under each team as an expandable list.

I just created a fresh Asana account for a different business and it is showing Favorites, Projects, and Teams in that sidebar area and there are no projects nested under each team as an expandable list.

How do I change my sidebar setup to my standard view?


Hi @Craig_van_der_Merwe2,

You are actually part of a A/B test. Asana is testing out some different variations of how and where to display projects within the Asana UI in new accounts. One of those variants is not to show them in the left sidebar, and (I guess unfortunately from the fact of your post) your account ended up with that variant.

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OK, that explains it I guess. Super frustrating to have it not be the same UI as the other two accounts I use all the time. If there is any way for me to opt out that would be ideal.

Also, I thumbs down this new variant as it forces me to add a prefix to my project names so I can tell which team it belongs to at a glance (some of my projects have the same name but are for different teams).

For now, @Craig_van_der_Merwe2, does it help you to click on the team name in the sidebar so you can see the team page which shows the set of projects in that team (the rough equivalent of what you could do more easily previously by expanding the team in the sidebar)?


Thanks Larry. I know that is an option.

I will adapt to whatever ends up being the default. It will just mean changing the established ways we do things.

Most frustrating about this was not being able to find an explanation for the UI inconsistency. Wasted a bunch of my time. Caused confusion for users. Interface didn’t match Asana documentation, etc. Would be better if there was a little badge somewhere that said it was an A/B test and allowed me to opt out.

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Another thumbs down for this variant.

I found this thread when I was trying to figure out why a colleague’s new Asana account wasn’t showing the projects listed under the teams like my Asana (which he is a member of) does.

Change it back or, at the very least, allow us to choose which view we want to utilize. In the meantime, it would also be great if Asana would allow us to opt-out of the A/B testing. I don’t like this new version at all! Is that possible? :face_with_raised_eyebrow: :slightly_smiling_face:

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