Questions about customizing fields

  1. How can I See the whole Titel of a custom Field when it is a bit longer?

  2. Why can‘t I Change my custom fields when I Move my task to another project? The custom fields are light grey and cannot be edited, when a task is moved to another project.

  3. How can I delete the first standard fields that are in every new task that you create in Asana (like Asignee, due date, dependencies, …). I don‘t want them to Show up when you click into a task.

  4. How can I create More then 40 customized fields in Asana? I Need More fields in my tasks.

I would be very happy if Someone can answer my questions.

Hi @anon50117052

  1. You simply drag the header, just like you would in Excel for example. Hover your mouse to the right until you get the arrows, then click and drag to your preference. In Task details, they will remain truncated, unfortunately.
  2. You need to add the custom field to your library.
  3. You cannot delete them but you can click on the header arrow and select ‘hide column’ so they do not appear in your project. They will always appear in your task details though - that cannot be changed at present.
  4. You can reach 60. See 1.3 & 1.5 in my post on List of technical and data limitations in Asana

Did I pass the test? :sweat_smile:

Hi @Richard_Sather thank you very much for your helpful answers. I have one follow up question to question 4. Is it possible to create more custom fields without multi-homing? I want to have more than 40 fields for a task in just one project

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Unfortunately not, the limit is currently set to 30 custom fields with a project (excluding the 9 default fields). You can follow my post mentioned above to get notified of when the Asana team will increase this, hopefully in the near future!