Push project template updates to existing projects

Hi, Can you please consider adding the functionality of allowing you to push any changes made to a project template out across all projects created originally using this template? Cheers.

Hi. This request already exists, @moderators will merge it. In my opinion this is way too complicated to do technically and to understand functionnaly.

Yeah this is a fairly complicated thing to achieve - the only tool I know of that does something like this is Scoro.

Clickup’s solution was to make it so you could create templates for projects, tasks, subtasks, checklists, folders, and workspaces individually.

I suppose if we had task templates that would be a big step toward reducing the time we spend working on work in a tool like Asana.

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For anyone interested, there are “workarounds” for that need: 🔥 Hottest feature requests and their workarounds

If you have fresh ideas, please share there!