Publish a form while still in a free trial - Help!!

Hi there. We are a startup and we are trying to create a hiring form for applicants. It was easy to make the form but when we try to publish it we get: “Only other users in your Asana instance will be able to see your Form during your free trial”

The problem is that we have already signed up to be a premium user… but since we just started we are still on the free trial. Is there no way to publish these forms until the free trial ends? Could we possibly just skip the free trial and start paying already?

We are trying to become a paying customer to use premium features but right now… Asana just will not let us. What can we do?

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I might be able to help, can you email me at I might be able to speed up the process.
(I can even host the form for you in the mean time if that helps!)

Hi @Thor_Fridriksson, welcome to the Asana Community Forum :wave:

It is expected that you would not be able to share Forms externally while on the free trial. You can, however, share Forms externally once you fully upgrade.

I hope this clarifies! :slight_smile:

But I have fully upgraded! I want to use the feature and I have signed up for a premium account! But I started on a free trial and because it hasn’t ended I can’t use the feature? I am happy to stop the free trial right now… but it seems to be impossible. Does that I need to wait until the middle of February to publish the form? :smiley:

You can contact our Support team who will be able to help you end the trial early and fully upgrade to make use of sharing Forms externally

I hope this helps!

I have tried to contact the support team. It is really hard to do and I just get answered by a bot who says that the feature is not available. Also the link you sent doesnt work. I´m kind of shocked on how hard it is to get to someone at Asana…



The correct link you want is:

If you include a link to this forum thread so the support folks can see it, it should help. It may take a little time to get a response but I’ve never had a problem or bot-only response where I was asking for something.



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