Public Tasks in private projects / no history on changing "public/private" on task level

Dear Community,

We have a private project in a separate team in our workspace. In there we used a task template to copy and create new tasks. Accidentally, the visibility of this task template got switched to “public” and all copied tasks were also visible to the public. The image shows what I mean:

Now I have the following issues with this:

  1. There is no warning about this setting. Once switchting to public, the task is visible to everybody in the whole organization. How to find the task even though you are not a follower and not added to the private project/team? Just use the advanced search and do not enter any search criteria - you can find it easily. Or use some part of the task name

  2. There is no change history about the setting (!). If somebody clicked on the “make this task public to the whole organization”, this is not written to the task change log where you see all changes like due dates, description etc.

  3. There is no search functionality to get all public tasks of a project to correct this. It must be done one by one manually or some team member, who is not supposed to the task, needs to be asked here.

For me as an Asana business user, this is a really critical functionality that needs warning (or should be disabled on a team/project basis) and can easily lead to a data breach.

Please correct me if I have forgotten any functionality that could help here, otherwise these points act as direct feature requests.

Are you saying that you created tasks from duplicating an existing task, and that the visibility of the new ones was tight to the source? :thinking: I am not sure I understand what you mean by “task template”.

Not tight to the source, just copied. A “task template” is just a normal task that we use to create new tasks and this setting is automatically copied. This itself is not a bug, but rather a feature.

For me important is that the change of the setting to public is nowhere logged and that no warning is shown - it is of course visible in each task if you read it closely, but nobody read this grey area at the top in our organization.

I’ll run an experiment to reproduce.

If I understand well, your task template was part of a private project (and so was private) and then you duplicated that task and moved it to another project, expecting the task to stay private even though the new project is public. Is that correct?

Hi Bastien,
Almost! :slightly_smiling_face:

The task template was part of a private project, somebody changed it accidentally to public and then the task template got copied and copied again with the visibility set to public.

I see the following things here

  1. Issue/bug/functionality gap: No logging/protocol exists for who changed the visibility of a task. This very critical and would also be visible in the task history as a warning.
  2. Feature issue: No setting to allow/disallow public tasks per project (see 3.)
  3. Usability issue 1: No warning when you change a task to public if it is in a private project (in our team nobody wants a public task in a private project, that is the reason why the project is private).