Task I created suddenly became Private and no longer have access

Briefly describe (1-2 sentences) the Bug you’re experiencing:
I’m the project manager assigning all the tasks, so I the created of all the tasks. It’s a public project. A few days later some of the tasks show “Private”. When clicked I can ask for request. I asked my team if they did it, and they said no. (Note: this is not the first time this has happened)

My questions are:
-How can someone make a public task, not created by them, private?
-How can I find out who the owner of the private task is?
-How can I figure out anything about this these tasks so I can get access back to them?
-How do I make a private task public again?

Upload screenshots below:

I doubt if it’s a “bug” in Asana’s eyes. I suspect that once this behavior is completely understood, they will say it’s “working as designed”. I’m guessing what has happened for you, is that you created a task and made it public, by “homing” it in a public project. Someone else had access and then multi-homed it to a private project, THEN took the fatal step of de-homing the task from the original, public project, leaving it only in the private project. Voilà - a task you created, that you know still exists, but which you can no longer access.

In Asana, it is 100% possible for anyone who is able to edit a task, to also delete that task, or make changes tantamount to deletion. If this is what has happened, and you can’t guess who may have done it, you can have recourse to your Asana admin or to Asana support. Prevent Users from Deleting Tasks

The person who “de-homed” it. Will that task show up under their “My Tasks” as private?

So i can ask the team to check again their if so.

Not necessarily - they may not be the Assignee, so it may not show up in their My Tasks in any form.

If you remember the exact name of the task, you could ask everyone to search for it. Anyone who still has permissions to it will be able to see it. I’d just be concerned that perhaps NO ONE still has permissions to see it.