Public Project to be changed to Private?

Originally I setup a project as private, made it public but then later on I wanted to change it back to private.

Is there any way to make a public project be set to private?

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@Deep_Chaggar, Sure, just click the Share button in the project header and then the Make Private link. Remember that task assignees and collaborators will still be able to see individual tasks.



Hi @Deep_Chaggar and welcome to the Asana Community Forum :slight_smile:

As @lpb stated, you can easily change project permissions by clicking on the “Share” button next toi your project title; to learn more about this process and project permissions in general, you can have a look at this handy article from our Guide:

And of course, if you have any follow-up questions or comments, feel free to reach out, we’ll be more than happy to help!

Have both a great day :slight_smile:

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Hi there. Has the process changed? I can’t see a share button next to project title via the sidebar or when the project is open.

Thank you