Make projects "private" by default

We have had several instances in our company, where projects which should not have been shared with specific people within a team were shared, as the project was set to public (default setting).

Would really appreciate it if there was a setting to set a project’s privacy to “private” by default, so such incidents don’t happen. Currently, we have to rely on the “memory” of people to change a project’s default visibility after they create it, which as we all know, is never a great solution. If this can be customized for each team that would be a bonus.

As a minimum, a default setting where all projects are private, unless made public, would really help.

Our company has encountered multiple situations where projects that were not intended to be shared with specific individuals within a team were inadvertently shared because the default setting for projects is “Public.”

We would greatly appreciate the introduction of a default setting that allows us to set a project’s privacy to “private” by default. This change would help prevent such incidents from occurring. Currently, we rely on individuals to remember to adjust a project’s default visibility after creation, which we acknowledge is not an ideal solution. If this customization could be applied to each team, it would be an added bonus.

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