Projects not populating in MS Outlook

I have had the Asana add-in for years with MS Outlook (desktop) and have never had an issue. Yesterday and all the years before I’ve never had a problem creating a task and assigning it to an already created project. This morning when I went to create a task and assign it to a project, none of my projects are there when I “search for project”. I have rebooted, uninstalled the add-in, and added again, deauthorized the add-in from asana side, and then reauthorized and I am still having the problem. Any ideas?

Hi @Leesa_Finley, welcome to the Asana Community Forum! :slight_smile: Could you please confirm the following:

  1. What version of Outlook do you have?
  2. Is the issue happening just you or the whole Organization?

If you are currently part of more than one Workspace or Organization, could you check if your Outlook add-in is set for the correct space? You can do this following these steps.

Well, easy-peasy, Emily! Somehow the workspace had changed so your FOLLOW THESE STEPS worked like a charm. All is right in my world again. Thank you!!

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