Projects list in the Teams

Is there any way to keep the list of projects in the teams on the left of the screen permanently open? It is kind of a usability nightmare that it only shows 5 then forces me to click to see more. I want to set this to be permanently open so I can work better. Thanks in advance.

Hi @Dirk_Knemeyer, welcome to the forum!

You are right, if you have more than 5 projects in your Team, you will see the option “see more projects”. If there are projects you always need to have at the top of your list, you can drag and drop them to the top so they are more visible. You can also add them to your favorited projects.

Thanks for your feedback and I hope this helps! Let me know if you have any further questions.

OK thank you Emily. Maybe Asana can provide the option to keep these open in the future.

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Hi @Dirk_Knemeyer :wave:
Maybe it is also suitable for you to add those projects to the favourites so that you have them even more visible. :blush:

That doesn’t really solve our use case but thank you for making the suggestion.