How to see ALL projects listed from Home screen?

Is there any option to see all projects I’m attached to, from my Home screen? Our team has many projects going on at one time, and based on the work we’re doing, some get relegated off the project list on the Home screen. My home screen only displays Favorites and Recent projects.

while I can search for less recent projects or scroll my teams’ sidebar, it would be much easier to have ALL projects I am attached to, listed on my Home screen. Seems like a simple option, so maybe I’m missing something?


Happy Friday @Mark_Chesney and welcome to the Forum! :slight_smile:

As you have mentioned, the Home Page displays your favorite projects and those projects you have recently visited. My current suggestion would be to favorite all the projects you are member of in order to see them in the Home Page.

Additionally, if you click on the Team’s name in the sidebar you will access the Team’s page where you can view all the projects of the Team.

I hope this helps Mark! Have a great weekend!

Thanks, Natalia. Unfortunately, that solution isn’t as simple as I had hoped. The team has nearly 70 projects that rotate quickly (with more added/deleted regularly). Manually adding ones to favorites reduces the value of a “favorite”, and the Teams name is small and unordered.

If there exists a view (collapsible) for “recent”, it should follow that there’s a collapsible view for “all”, in the large main Home window.


I just want to upvote this a thousand times so it would get attention. I’m seeing requests for this going back years in the forum. It’s a little silly that the project list is at the bottom left of the screen only and cannot be expanded.


Asana is about to lose me. Why can I not view all projects and then sort by alphabet? Please help solve this age old problem.


Agreed! It would be great to see all your projects at once!


I have over 100 projects and its awful that I have to keep clicking on ‘Show more’ to see all the projects. It doesn’t even show the most recent at the top. When is this going to get implemented. How hard is it to add a ‘Show All’ button.


I too share this desire to see all projects at once. Asana may lose me if I can’t find an acceptible workaround.

Hi @Eliza_Eager ,

Welcome to the forum! Have you tried out saved searches? You could run an empty search which should return every object your account has permission to access in Asana (this includes tasks, projects, messages, etc. which are broken out into tabs). You can save this search by starring it.

Alternatively, you could try creating a universal report for projects in your organization.