Projects field empty when the card is inside the board I display

Hello, we have encountered a bug with the way we use Asana boards.

In the List view, if our card is in the project I am displaying, it is not visible in the Projects field. On my screenshot, I am supposed to see “Sprint 2” in the Projects field on all tickets.

How to reproduce:

If you add in the List view the Projects field, the actual project will not be displayed.

Upload screenshots below:

Hi @Adam_KRIM, welcome to the Asana Community forum :wave:t2:

This is currently expected behaviour. When viewing a task in List view in a specific project, you will not see this project name displayed under the “Projects” field if you have this turned on. This is because it is clear that the task is in this project, as you are currently viewing the project itself.

If a task is multi-homed in other projects, these will display in this field.

I hope this clarifies! :slight_smile:

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