Project templates V2: what we gain, what we lose

Thanks @Alece_Ronzino both added!

Glad to see this extensive list of points of what we actually lose with the new templates. I raised a few points already end of April but my feed was closed…

Here are a few points extra for the list:

  • No timeline view : No clear overview of the template as timeline view is not existing. Setting up dependencies and controlling them is really difficult.
  • Use template in another team : When creating a new project and using a template from another team, you have to reselect the team you want the project to be created.
  • Only a limited amount of teams can be selected When choosing a team where template has to be applied, no possibility to scroll all existing teams. Meaning for new teams, you have to move up the newly created team so it appears in the menu!

Points already listed but still would underline:

  • Update subtasks : Subtasks count is not displayed in the template mode. You need to go in the details of the task to see them. Much more complex to understand the content and update once again as you can’t unroll the subtask like a normal project.
  • Due date setup : Following the above point, if adding a new task or updating due date of your template, it’s really difficult to understand if a task is x days after another one. Having the calendar view was helping to know which day each task should go. (linked to the timeline view option)
  • No colour/icon choice

We try to avoid switching to the new template as it will be really difficult to work with it in the current state.

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That’s a really weird thing, can you maybe create a dedicated thread for this one? Seems too specific to add to my list, but worth creating a thread.

I added

  1. No ability to create dependencies with tasks outside the template
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Do you have any updates about migration schedule?
actually I really want to go back to V1.0 NOW to use timeline view.

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@Tetsuo_Kawakami we know that the forced migration has been pushed back to end of June-July for now.

Thank you for the information :grinning:
I hope that V2.0 features include V1.0 ones!

individually I need timeline view especially.

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Except for the ones listed, yes.

Another thing missing is the ability to start the project with showing “Incomplete tasks” only. By default it shows “All tasks”.

Previously, or v1 project template was set to “Incomplete tasks”. But the new v2 project template doesn’t have this option. Thus all new projects created from it are showing all tasks. :frowning:

Would be nice if there was at least an API method of changing this after it’s created.


@FreshyJon that’s what I meant with " No ability to choose sort and filter options" :slight_smile:

Agree. Can it be that there is no way to copy a task into an existing template? What would be the point of templates if not to be able to receive tasks?

Yes a template V2 is not a “project” anymore, it is its own new entity and there is no feature to move a task from a project to a “template”. Maybe that will come!
@Allen_Nesbitt I believe the assumption is that you’ll be creating a template in isolation.

Has anyone experienced not having access to the new templates as a project owner? I created the project templates for my client and then assigned him as the project owner for two V2 templates. For some reason, when he clicks on the templates team that I’ve created, only one of the templates show under the “templates” section. Settings for both templates are the exact same. Does anyone know what this is about or can direct me somewhere to learn more about this?

I’m adding a few other items. Not sure if anyone has any solves for these?

  • Is there a way we can have due dates be assigned before the project start date? For example, we always have tasks that are due 2 days before the project start date as pre-project tasks.

  • We noticed if the start date is chosen for a project but if there is a change to the start date then the due dates do not automatically change once the project is already created. This would create more manual work for our team.

  • Is there a way to integrate dependencies and the due date feature? That would be fabulous.

  • Is there a way for a due date to drag and auto populate with the same date? Kinda similar to excel? It’s very manual to add the same due date in like 20+ tasks. Maybe have a button for a section that says “Populate same date for all tasks?”.

  • With my team’s projects we have weekly meetings with the clients. It is not until after the project start that we decide with the client when are those those weekly meetings. That weekly meeting may not be the same day that we started the project. Now all the due dates are based on the project start date, let’s say Monday, but the weekly meetings are on Wednesdays. Now we have to update each task to add 2 days. Is there a way that this could be automatic? This would be a HUGE timesaver. Not sure if other people have similar issues.

@Patty_Orozco from my experience, you can’t define relative due dates before the start date or after the end date (negative numbers don’t work) and you can’t define a random task as the pivot.

Also dependent tasks don’t get pushed if a due date changes, unless you are in Timeline view with dependency conflict avoidance turned on. But you do get notified if you are assigned on a blocked task and the blockage due date changes.

Due dates and dependencies are already part of templates V1 and V2, feel free to use them.

I have added 26. No ability to find tasks in template through search
This breaks some users workflows! Advanced search for tasks inside project templates

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Per that other thread we were just on, I think we need:

  • No ability to create a project with no project start or due date

Some good news: Saw that we can add Overview notes that will carry over to the new projects:

#11 on the list

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Thanks, 27 added and 11 strikethrough!