Project Templates Permissions

I misunderstood the accessibility of templates, and now that I do, I am bewildered as to the implementation.

I thought converting to template would allow anyone under the org name to see them. That is logical. However, that isn’t true. The user must be on the team or template to view it.

Well this opens a huge issue as anyone with access can then also edit or comment in the template. That is obviously not a good use case.

But we trust everyone to do what is right

That is naive. I have a READ ME in a sandbox project template that states DO NOT COMPLETE OR EDIT THIS TASK (capitalized and bolded as to show how it appears in the task), and over a dozen people completed the task. So no, not everyone follows directions. Actually, hardly anyone does. So anyone can access the project and comment inside the tasks.

I would suggest, that a template can be viewable by team or org without having to have anyone needing access to it.

And I have to make sure everyone in the org is shared on the team? That is a lot of work about work I need to do. So I have to create an SOP that for every user added to Asana, I have to also add them to a template team so they can have access to templates. With 400 users being added, this is not ideal.

Hi @Getz_Pro, thanks for providing this feedback :slight_smile:

I’ve updated the title of your post slightly, I hope you don’t mind! Hopefully this is something our Product team can implement in the near future. I’ll keep you posted if I have any updates :slight_smile:

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I second this! It would also solve the problem brought up in the archive custom templates request.

My team is about to massively scale and there is a huge margin of error if we need to count on every new user to not edit the templates.

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I was able to set our templates to “comment only” to avoid issues with them being changed, but it would still be beneficial for templates to be available to the organization and not just on teams with access.