Project Status trigger event for Zapier/Slack

We’re trying to encourage project managers in our team to update the project status of projects regularly so we can see a summary at the portfolio level. However, it would be great to get a general notification when a project status is made.

I can’t see any web hook or similar to trigger an event when a project status is made. Ideally this is something we could pick up in Zapier and relay to a Slack channel.

Has anyone had any luck doing something similar?


It’s not going to be possible to do it via Zapier. Asana has a project-level webhook that indicates when something changes on the project, including its status. But Zapier doesn’t have support for picking up such a project change event.

If you have the technical ability available (or want to hire someone who does), you could write some code to do it.


Thanks for the additional information.

We could probably write something in-house if we had the time. Sounds like a nice feature addition for the official ASANA Slack app.

Not sure if others are experiencing similar issues internally but we’re finding it hard to scale adoption of Portfolios in general across the company as sharing and notification options for this feature are woefully inadequate.


I take ally meeting notes in Asana but then have to copy and paste the link to when into Slack. It is so annoying.