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I am new to Asana, so apologies if there is an obvious answer to the question.

Can I please check, if there are multiple projects, when you invite people to work on one project, do they also have access to view the other projects ? also how many projects allowed on the free version ? and finally what is your opinion on only using the free version, our team will not exceed more than 9 people ?

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@Tariq1 Welcome to Asana and the team. Have a read of this guide to give you a view of how projects work and the relevant permissions.

With regards to using Free versus Premium probably depends on the complexity of your workflow. Probably the biggest benefit for going premium would be the use of custom fields, dependency tasks, the timeline view. If none of those are necessary for your team’s workflow then the free version will be fine. I would definitely start with the free and use it for a bit before making a decision.

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Thank you Jason,
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Hi Jason,

I’m sorry to disturb, I have some questions and I would appreciate if you could please give some guidance:

  1. Can the Project Owner be locked, so that no one else in the team can change this ?

  2. I note it states that the project is public and that I require to upgrade to make it private - does this mean at the moment anyone can see the project ?

  3. I’m using the boards rather than the lists, is there a way of stating who is a lead of a board, I am using each board as a workstream.

I would appreciate your assistance.

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Not a problem at all Tariq happy to help.

Okay details as follows;

  1. No the Project Owner can’t be locked, yes someone else can change the Project Owner.

  2. By “Public” it means that anyone in your organisation that has an Asana Account can see that project, it doesn’t mean that anyone outside of your organisation eg. Me can see that project.

  3. A board project and a list project have the same concept with regards to Project Owner you can make a Board Project have a project owner and get them to provide status updates on a regular basis.

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Hi Jason,

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