Project progress view



In the progress view (tab) of a progress, it should be possibile to include/exclude tasks from certain boards. For example, we have a column with “idea’s”, this shouldn’t be counted as a task.

It’s only possible to exclude tasks with sections (gear icon next to the Progress title), but apparently board columns do not count as sections…
So the current feature of excluding tasks is only possible with the list layout if I’m correct?

Thank being said, I don’t see a reason why a project can’t switch between board/list layout, but that’s a whole different story.


typo: “progress view (tab) of a PROJECT” ofcourse.

I can’t edit my own posts? Really?


Hi Frederik - in this Community we earn the ability to edit posts. Keep up the great work and you’ll be editing posts in no time!


No answer regarding this bug (or missing feature, depends on how you look at it)?

This renders the Progress View useless when using the board view, I can’t be the only one who noticed this?


I’m also interested in this feauture. Is there a way we can do this?