Project owner and status reporting

I need to get a report for a workspace or team that has the following information:

  • Project Name
  • Project Owner
  • Status traffic light e.g. Green
  • Status update comments.

I am able to get a list of projects in the workspace by running the following:

But how do I get the additional information?

I have been through the documentation but can’t find a list of API commands that would allow me to do this.

Hi @Tony_Anderson and welcome to the forum,

Once you have a project’s gid, you can get the project owner by retrieving the detailed project information.

For the status update information, you want to retrieve the status updates for the project, which are a separate object.

Note that you can get the current status update returned as part of the detailed project information, but if you want all status updates for the project, you’ll need to use the separate status update endpoints.

Hi @Phil_Seeman,

Thanks for your response.

How can I get the project status colour i.e. traffic light? I checked the API information but couldn’t find it in the list.

With thanks,

@Phil_Seeman I found it :slight_smile:

Do you know how I can take the output from the API command and turn it into something meaningful i.e. a report. It is currently just a string of characters.
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That’s a whole complex topic that depends on the specifics of the data you read; it’s a general development topic really beyond what’s relevant here to Asana.

The data is in JSON format. It sounds like you’re probably not a developer; in general, parsing JSON data requires programming, although I do see some converters online which I’ve never tried. You might want to look at things like:

Thanks @Phil_Seeman. You are correct…I am not a developer.

I am currently trying to use MS Excel Power Query to extract the data with some level of success.
I have also reached out to our data team for some assistance as well.

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