Display project owner on project page?

hi can anyone tell me how i can add the field project owner on the project page so its visible to everyone and not have to click on the overview? Im new to Asana and trying to see how to add it to make it easier for everyone as the main page information. TIA

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Hi @Raphaela_Colandrea and thanks for your question,

If I understood well, you are trying to display some “meta information” on the project page (for example the List view).

First, I would advise spreading the word that viewing the “Overview” page is a good practice, as this page is dedicated to that purpose.

But if you want to also make it clear on the main page, I would recommend creating a task (or a dedicated section) on top of your project.
Please see some examples:

Also, a remark:

Hope that could help, let me know if you have more questions. :wink:


As Arthur said the project owner is always the first person in the member’s list. Which makes it super important to have a profile picture!

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thank you!!!

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