Project Overview - Due Date

I would like to request that Editors have the rights to update the overall project due date. Currently only the project admin can do this. With many other people involved in the project, we need the flexibility for others to be able to update this. With the current limitation, we have too many messages going to the project admin when due dates need to be updated, which is very inefficient.

Hi @Chantelle_Drury , in case you are not aware, you could add more than one Project Admin. Does that not solve your issue?

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Hi Richard - unfortunately it doesn’t because the users that we need to update the dates (legal), we don’t want them to have project admin rights.

Hi, @Chantelle_Drury
I suggest considering utilizing milestones effectively while keeping the overall deadline of the project unchanged.

Our project due dates are dependent on our legal progress, which is never an exact science. So we often change our target due dates.

I do not know the precise rationale, but it appears that the legal time frame is subject to fluctuations. Consequently, would it be necessary to establish a deadline for the project? Instead of establishing a deadline for the project, may I suggest utilizing the milestone functionality?

As an example,