Project order in the Mac App

I am unable to alter the project order in the Mac OS application. I am administrator for all project and have all necessary permissions.

Hi @Brandon_Robinson2 , welcome to the forum :wave:

Could you be a bit more specific as to which surface of Asana you are referring to the project order? Is it the Sidebar, a Team page, a Portfolio?

Hi, I’m having this problem too - within the sidebar. I’m on the Mac app and I’m unable to move the projects up and down to reorganise them within the list.

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It’s not a matter of the Mac app, or the Dekstop app - the same behaviour is in the browser version also. The ‘Projects’ section in the sidebar auto-populates the list based on your usage.
I recommend collapsing that and using the Starred section for what you describe. Click the star next to your Team names or Project names, on the right of their headers.

More on how the sidebar works, here:

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