Project of projects?

We have a ton of small projects(well over 200), so I set them up as tasks so I can have a view of all upcoming “projects” so I can prioritize into what to work on next(all these tasks are assigned to the same project. From reading around it sounds like having a lot of subtasks on tasks is non-ideal it’s better to use projects(which is our case)…

Is it possible to have a project of projects, so I can prioritize our backlog of projects(which projects are WIP, which are next, and what is upcoming)?

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Hi @Eddie_Dawydiuk
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What you describe @Eddie_Dawydiuk is basically the Portfolio feature, available with the Business plan. Without that plan, what you do is the best way. Each task that represents a project should include a mention of the project in the task description so you can go there with just a click.

Does that help?


Yes, thank you sir!!!