'Project Name' not showing for Subtasks in 'My Tasks'

The ‘Project Name’ does not show for Subtasks in the ‘My Tasks’ page. For other Tasks in the list it is displayed as expected, it is just Subtasks.

Steps to reproduce: The ‘My Tasks’ view displays this problem all of the time

Browser version: Google Chrome Version 78.0.3904.97

Upload screenshots below:


This is not a bug in Asana’s eyes…it is the intended behavior. Subtasks do NOT inherit the Project of their parent Task. You can assign a Subtask to a project (that of its Parent or any other one, it’s up to you), and it has to be done individually and repeatedly. This takes 100% of new users by surprise and has generated lots of complaints.


Thanks Stephanie for clarification of that one. I appreciate the quick response.

Aaron Cleland | Creative Technologist

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It would be really helpful if subtasks DID inherit the project of the parent!


I tried adding the project to the subtask but now that subtask is showing up in the project twice. It would just be so helpful for that to not be the case.

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Yes, I suspect just about every user agrees with you…

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Thank you for the explanation. I am a new Asana user and also agree that it would be helpful if the subtasks automatically inheret the parent project tag. Perhaps it could be a setting where the user could toggle whether they would like their subtasks to also include the project label or not by default. It seems this would be a win-win! Keep it up though, I find it to be an awesome app so far!

To all the posters in this thread - you might be interested in voting for one or both of these product suggestion posts:

Any new developments here? Our conventions include starting every task and subtask with the project name - so that we can see it easily on timeline and calendar views, and for ease of reference in messaging. I had hoped templates would enable us to automate this; instead we have to cut and paste the project’s abbreviated name in every single task and subtask - or am I missing something?

No, I don’t think you’re missing anything - that’s what we all live with.

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What a nightmare, Asana should really do something about that, that’s totally bad UX