Project name missing from inbox

I was included in the test project for this and thought it would not be released based on feedback. Our entire team now has project names missing from inbox - this is not conducive to productivity, client success or any other measurement applied.
We run through our inboxes quickly and now have to stop and review the comment to find out which project it applies too.

As I mentioned in my initial feedback, if this change is permanent we will be forced to find another solution for our project management needs.


Hello @Shari_Garman,

As far as I am aware currently an A/B test is running for the inbox until the end of Januar to try and declutter inbox threads.

If you cannot see the project names you can use the Expand mode in your inbox to see more details, including the project associated to the tasks.

Anybody else notice that the Project Name is gone again in the Asana inbox? This happened back in August in this thread but I’m so surprised this would happen again in the middle of the workday… hoping this is a bug?

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@anon40120034 I noticed this today as well! I initially found that August thread you linked, hoping to find a solution. At the end of that thread, it’s stated that the “test” of removing the Project Names from the Inbox would not be permanent… but here we are, again. It’s a little more than inconvenient - to put it nicely - when I can’t efficiently navigate through my work content. Judging from the previous thread, many others feel the same. It completely disrupts work flow. Hoping to see updates/fixes on this ASAP for all our sakes…

Thanks. Expanding doesn’t make a difference it shows additional threads. We need the project name to function efficiently and effectively with
Our clients

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Hello @anon40120034 and @Meagan_Shelest, this seems to be an A/B test that is currently running.

Same here, this change has made the inbox basically useless! When I contacted support they made it sound like it was the new permeant change! They didn’t say anything about it being a test. We will be forced to find new project management service if this is not corrected. Why do they keep changing things and not giving paying users any notice?