Project Manger recording time for team members



My team has been using Asana-Harvest integration for about a year, and Harvest for about 5 years. The process has been working OK, but I haven’t found a reasonable way to have my assistant or project manager record time for people.

I am bad at recording my own time, so the process is that I give my PM and VA my Asana password so they can log in as me. But this isn’t sustainable as the team grows and people don’t put in their time in a timely manner. It delays invoicing and payroll, and clients don’t like it when invoices get behind.

I really need a way to have someone that is designated as a PM record time for other people. Currently this isn’t possible with the Harvest-Asana integration so far as I can tell. From the Asana GUI you can’t pick what team member to record time to. And from Harvest you can’t move time entries between people.

Maintaining this connection is very important for our biggest client because We have a 2-way Asana sync set up between our respective accounts. We are using custom fields to do this 2-way mapping of Asana task IDs so they can do granular task mapping and time recording. So we are giving them a reporting layer that takes our Harvest time and merges that with the tasks in their own Asana account.

The only solution I have for this is to build a Google Sheet to ‘fake it’ and use Integromat or Zapier to push those entries into Harvest from the Sheet. But there has to be a native way to do this.

Does anyone have a better idea?


if integrated with tmetric, the time entries for the team members will be generated into reports or collected into the project summary.