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I am looking into project management courses that count for PMI’s PMP certification. Any recommendations for classes that align with or use Asana as a platform? Or general recommendations?

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Hi there - I believe @Caisha may have some advice!

Haha, thanks Alexis! How timely is this? =)

Hey @lacy.cowden, very excited you’re interested in becoming certified! For me personally, I took a class with my local PMI chapter that was every Saturday for 8 hours, 5 weeks in a row. This wasn’t a bad solution, but there are other options that are accepted for the hours of education required to attain certification.

In my experience and research of PMI classes - in general, they do not focus on platforms really at all. It is almost entirely a teaching of the PMBOK - Project Management Body of Knowledge. That means the phases of project management that you will be tested on. For my course, it was taught by 8 different people to get a range of experiences and at most they might (or other classmates) might reference how a certain tool or PM program adapts the PMBOK processes, but it isn’t really a focus at all.

For me, I took it last year and I found myself immediately implementing best practices via Asana during the course itself, because the teaching wasn’t based around platform but more philosophy.

So I guess this is my roundabout way of saying no I’m not aware of any PMI education courses tailored towards the Asana (or any platform’s) experience, but I don’t think it’s needed. The best suggestion is to find a course (online, in person, etc.) that best suits your style and need - whether its a test boot camp, online class, or in person class.

Hope you find a good one! I was quite lost when I first started researching PMI cert, it’s a lot to take in - but the class I took from the local chapter did a great job of talking about that just as much as the PMBOK so it helped.


What was the name of your local organization. Thanks

You can find a list of local PMI chapters here:


So helpful, thank you!

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I have my PMP and wondering if ASANA tutorials/training can count towards required continuing education credits?

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